Thomas Merritt - Managing Partner/Realtor

Agent Thomas Headshot

From his military experience, to his knowledge gained through almost 20 years in the corporate world, Thomas Merritt brings an in-depth insight to the East Plano Realty team. Applying his military attention-to-detail along with the negotiating skills acquired in the boardroom, Thomas successfully navigates the real estate transactions with both buyers and sellers. Whether buying or selling, Thomas’ clients rely on his professionalism, work ethic, and sharp negotiation skills, as he consistently puts their best interests first.

Due to his extensive experience in the corporate world, he will smoothly guide you through each step of the buying and selling process . Thomas brings the military precision to his process and organization so that his client's experience is flawless. In his words: “Buying or selling a home is the biggest transaction of our client's lives. I enjoy taking on the responsibility of making such a task smooth and seamless.”

Perhaps more than anything, Thomas knows East Plano. Along with his wife Sandra, living and raising their two daughters here since 2000, he is privy to all listings--even some that may not have yet reached the market. He is an incredibly effective guide when it comes to navigating real estate in East Plano and the surrounding area.

Whatever the project or transaction, you can be assured that Thomas will always go above and beyond in order to safeguard your investment or find you the best deal possible.